Thank you for joining us recently at I Don’t Have Time: The Workshop. To help you to delve more deeply into some of the concepts in the workshop and the book, please enjoy these bonus resources.

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Click on the link to download a quick checklist of all the 15 Minute Magic activities in the book to help keep you on track.

This activity provides an opportunity to reflect on the way things are now in a number of different ways, as the beginning of a personal plan that will increase your energy. Click the link below to download your copy.

Use this tool to capture the ONE THING you want to be different in 90 days’ time.

Click on the link below to download some simple ways to get the most out of reading I Don't Have Time.

Download below access an overview of the 7 Mindset Gremlins.

Here are some ideas to help you finish the year strong by doing less, not more - think of it as a time of letting go, creating space, and clearing mental clutter. Download below.

  • Learn the 7 things that SHOULD be on your 'To Do' list and probably aren’t
  • Get simple tips to schedule the easy, enjoyable things that really enrich your life
  • Decide on the ONE THING that can change the course of every single week
  • Discover 'JOMO' and how it can reduce your stress in just one hour
  • Create a plan to recharge, let go, connect, move and breathe again
  • Print your special weekly planner and make it all happen!

Click on the link below for instant access to The Momentum Map. We hope you love it as much as we do for its deceptively simple super powers!

If you’ve enjoyed I Don’t Have Time and these bonus resources, you’re going to love our 90-day program. Find out why hundreds of people credit it with radically transforming their lives in powerful little steps here.

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