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On and on they go. Mindset gremlins, worming their way through our mental to-dos, creating doubt. Fanning fear. Telling us exactly what they know is going to trip us up, and keeping us smaller and safer and tucked more tightly into our comfort zones than we really want to be.

It’s infuriating not getting on with things. Not doing what we plan. Holding back. Focusing on things that don’t matter nearly as much as the big stuff that would propel us so much further forward in our lives in all the areas that mean the most to us.

We’ve a list of over 200 secret self-doubts collected in our workshops from people just like us, who thought there was nobody just like them, because we all appear to be involved in an unofficial mass cover-up that has led us to believe that other people have their acts together.

They don’t.

We don’t.

The ducks will never line up. Finding out ‘it’s not just me!’ is not only liberating — it’s the first step in getting on with things despite our doubts. Big things that we owe ourselves to get on with in our health and relationships, careers and finances, families and more …

Maybe you’ve already tried to get on top of this.

It’s disheartening when you just can’t seem to rally the motivation you need to stick with things and make the leaps and bounds you promised yourself. We’ve been there too and we kept getting stuck, right up until the moment we learned to stop hauling ourselves into the imaginary principal’s office every time we messed up, and be gentle with ourselves, instead.

It’s okay to have slipped up. It’s not the fall that counts. It’s the way we rise from it, and what we do next in each moment of every day that really matters …

There’s a big difference between slipping up and giving up.

You’re going to feel overwhelmed. You’re going to want to procrastinate. You’re going to strive for perfection. You’ll compare yourself to others. You’ll feel like an imposter. You’ll fail and fear failing. You might even fear success… You’ll feel all of this, and you’ll need to make a choice.

Because, lying beyond the roadblocks these gremlins create in our minds, there is something you want. A lot.

Not finding a way through and striving for it consistently is going to hurt. Deeply.

  • What if you could feel anxious and do things anyway?
  • What if you could feel overwhelmed, and still get on with things?
  • What if you could fear failure but take risks regardless?

What if success wasn’t about mastering a text-book mindset — never procrastinating, never perfecting, never giving into overwhelm. What if it was about learning how to live with the gremlins that will hang around and stir up trouble like rebellious teens behind the bike sheds in our minds, no matter how much progress we make.

Even the most successful people deal with gremlins. It’s just that they’ve learnt the art of keeping these doubts on a low hum in the background while they forge ahead anyway.

Our new 4-hour workshop will have you laughing, crying and — best of all — realising you are NOT the only one wondering why you’re not further ahead, more organised, more confident, fitter, happier, more satisfied in your relationships, in a stronger place financially, more patient, more relaxed, more ambitious … more of all the things you want the most.

We’ll bring you stories and practical exercises from our book, I Don’t Have Time, PLUS brand new content from the upcoming sequel, I Can’t Be Bothered!

If you want to squeeze in more of what you love (even if you’ve lost touch with what that really is), and ditch the things that drag you down, we’ll help you:

  • Figure out what would really float your boat, and what really isn’t working in your life
  • Work out what you can let go to create the space you need to do more of what lights you up
  • Identify causes of high and low energy/motivation in key areas of your life
  • ‘Declutter’ your mind and your schedule to open up a larger or more fulfilling life
  • Identify various ways to self-rescue when you’re stuck in a rut, and create a tailored list of potential solutions with which to experiment
  • Develop greater awareness of the thought processes that hold you back, time after time, what this costs you and how things might be different with just some minor tweaks to your thinking
  • Learn about an actionable, motivating and achievable way of creating goals and maintaining positive momentum
  • Feel empowered to move through tasks more quickly
  • Create a tailored action plan unlike anyone else’s in the room, designed to help you achieve what you want, around all the challenges or obstacles that are particular to you.


CANBERRASaturday 7 October
SYDNEYTuesday 10 October
NEWCASTLEWednesday 11 October
  • Absolutely amazing and totally hits home!
  • It was great to get time out to think about these things. To think about goals and how I am spending my time.
  • My favourite bit was hearing everyone's gremlins - I nearly cried and was shaking. Huge relief!
  • Open, good fun, emotionally challenging (in a good way).
  • Loved it!
  • Thanks for an awesome session! My colleague and I [who attended] are at work at the moment and have been discussing it. We both got lots out of it!
  • Wonderful opportunity for self-reflection.
  • It was uplifting and spot on!
  • Very engaging and great tips. Relevant, practical advice.

Hosted by Emma Grey & Audrey Thomas

Founders of My 15 Minutes & authors of I Don't Have Time (Exisle, 2017),
and its forthcoming sequel, I Can't Be Bothered!

Emma is a Life Balance specialist. Through a suite of innovative concepts and tools, Emma offers organisations and individuals practical solutions to the modern challenge of ‘having it all’. Her ideal corporate client employs educated, experienced, professionally-savvy staff in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. Through seminars, workshops and executive coaching, WorkLifeBliss builds participants’ capacity to thrive under pressure, cope with change, interact positively with others and manage their time for maximum professional productivity and personal contentment.

Emma holds a BA (Hons), Graduate Diploma in Education and Advanced Practitioner certificates in Coaching and Training.

She is a published author, speaker and freelance journalist. Her book, Wits End Before Breakfast! Confessions of a Working Mum (Lothian, 2005), was reviewed as ‘fresh, witty, hilarious, sharply-observed and relentlessly truthful.’ Emma writes regularly on a range of social issues in the national media, including for Mia Freedman’s ‘Mamamia’, The Punch, Australian Women Online, Coping with Jane, iVillage Australia and HerCanberra.

She has been profiled as a life-balance expert in various publications, including the Melbourne Age, Good Health Magazine, The Canberra Times, The Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, The Sun Herald, Adelaide Today and OK! Magazine. Emma’s seminars, events and coaching tools have been described as a ‘yellow brick road’ out of the chaos of modern living. She regularly shares her insights through her ‘Monday Bliss Blitz’ focus emails and on her blogs. She is a mother of three and has two step-children.

When she can sneak the time – she’s writing a vampire-free novel for young adults.

Audrey is an experienced and accredited coach and facilitator, and has a strong background in Learning and Development, Project and Change Management, Human Resources and Operations Management. Having spent many years in the corporate sector working with a diverse range of teams, she has a long history of delivering performance and success coaching.

Now in her own business, Audrey works with clients within the public and private sectors to discover and develop untapped potential and deliver measurable and sustainable change. Audrey is passionate about working with her clients, and coaching and mentoring them to achieve greater levels of success in their professional and personal lives.

She worked in the UK, Europe and North America for a number of years for the world's leading premium drinks company, primarily in global project and program management roles. This experience has been invaluable in working with clients from all walks of life and with diverse needs in terms of their professional and personal development. Audrey holds a Diploma and Certificate IV in Coaching, along with Diploma and Certificate IV qualifications in Training & Assessment. She has been a licensed Insights Discovery Accredited Practitioner for over 12 years and loves working with teams to improve productivity and cohesion.

Audrey is also a mentor for the Polaris Business & Innovation Centre’s Mentoring for Success program, offering support and expertise to business owners across a range of growth and development areas.

She is a self-confessed '80's tragic' and loves dancing around the house to the new romantics bands of her youth. Audrey is mum of 2 energetic young boys and wife of a rugby-mad Welshman. Life is sweet!

I Don't Have Time Book Excerpt

I don't live in Canberra, Sydney or Newcastle. Will you be offering this workshop anywhere else?

Yes, we will offer this workshop wherever there is enough demand.

I have (or haven't) bought your program, is this still worthwhile for me?

The workshop stands alone from the My 15 Minutes program, though is complementary to it.

Compared with other workshops, this is inexpensive - is it going to be a 'sales fest'?

We’ve been to events like that, where the ticket price is low, but the event turns out to be a sales pitch. We loathe it! No, this workshop will deliver 4hours of high value content and resources. We will mention our My 15 Minutes program and you will have an opportunity to purchase it if you wish, but the workshop itself is ‘self contained’ and content-rich.

What's included in the ticket price?

You’ll receive the workshop, templates and resources, a ‘goodie bag’ packed with surprises, including a signed copy of I Don’t Have Time, refreshments on arrival and during the break. Plus we’d love you to stay for a drink with us at the ‘after party’.

I can't make it on that date. Will you be running this workshop again?

Yes, and we will let you know as soon as new dates are available.

What's your refund policy?

Tickets are non-refundable but transferable. Just let us know the details of the person you’ve given your ticket to and we’ll add them to our guest list.

Is there a group discount?

Yes … the more the merrier! Come in a group of 5+ and receive 10% discount on the total ticket investment. Just drop us a line at and we can organise your group tickets.

I don't like going to networking events on my own. Will I feel welcome?

We see this workshop as an opportunity to help foster new connections. We’ll ensure that you feel welcome and get to meet new people.

Will there be role-playing?

Ha! Great question! Some people love role-playing but we’re not really into it, so no. 🙂

What do I wear?

Feel free to come straight from work, or get changed on the way. Anything goes.

How's this different from other workshops?

The feedback we receive consistently is that our workshops are the best people have attended. The content is very ‘real’. We’re open and vulnerable and include a strong mix of storytelling and practical action. We want you to walk out with a smile, thinking ‘that was time well invested’ and remember this workshop for a long time afterwards.


CANBERRASaturday 7 October
SYDNEYTuesday 10 October
NEWCASTLEWednesday 11 October

Your ticket for $247 & bring a friend for only $147

SAVE $100 between you!

If you have any questions at all about our upcoming workshop events (or anything else), please drop us a line at We'll get back to you within 24 hours during Australian business hours of 9am-5pm ACT, Monday to Friday.