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Welcome to my book review website, I hope you enjoy my reviews and that it inspires you to read more books.

My name is Will (though if you are reading this you probably already know who I am). I have loved books since my brother started school - I always used to look over Finlay's shoulder when he was reading aloud to my Mum. I was three at this time, and my love of reading has never faltered since.

I enjoy many types of books, though my two favourite series are Harry Potter, and The Famous Five books. I also love reading non-fiction science books, which I have growing collection of. I'm a huge fan of Dr Who and Star Wars too, and really enjoy reading character encyclopaedias and facts about the stories.

Happy reading!

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My Favourite Books

  • A great book from one of my favourite book series
    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • My favourite Harry Potter book so far in the series (and that's not just because it's the longest)
    Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix
  • A great start to a long series of amazing books
    The Famous Five - Five on a Treasure Island
  • In my opinion, it's one best of the many Roald Dahl books
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • A very insightful book, giving background knowledge of my favourite characters
    Dr Who - The Complete Visual Collection
  • A great book filled with over 4,500 facts about science, inventions, vehicles, crime and war. What's not to love about this book!
    Infomaniac - Become An Expert In An Hour
  • This is a scrapbook of stories, characters and creations - I love it.
    The Gloriumptious Worlds of Roald Dahl